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    Division 4

    Division 4 - Volume 5



    HOMICIDE - Volume 9


    The Sullivans

    The Sullivans Vol 14


    Carson's Law

    Carson's Law - Volume 7

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    Saddle Club

    The Saddle Club - Season 3


  • Division 4

    Volume 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

    Featuring stories based on actual police files, Division 4 became an instant success when it first launched in 1969. With its distinctive theme and popular stars, the series won 20 industry awards including 10 Logies during its 8 year run.

    Division 4

    Volumes 1 through to 5 now available

    Each volume includes
    26 Episodes
    7 Disc box set

    $59.95 each +P&H
  • Carson's Law - Vol 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7

    The sweeping saga of Australia in the 1920s, and a woman who dared to be different.

    Acclaimed as one of the most superb series to be produced in Australia and winner of 26 television industry awards including multiple Logies for best actor and most popular series, Carson’s Law offers an impressive list of fine stars.



    Volumes 1 through to 7
    The complete series now available

    Volumes 1 through to 6 contain 26 x 1 hour episodes
    Volume 7 contains 28 x 1 hour episodes.
    $59.95 + $5.00 P&H

    $59.95 each +P&H

    HOMICIDE - Volume 1 through to 9

    In October 1964 HOMICIDE was born.

    Thanks to the visionary Hector Crawford, audiences across Australia finally embraced their own police drama and its popularity saw it through 10 award winning years. The original and the best, HOMICIDE has become an icon of early Australian television drama.



    Volumes 1 through to 9 now available

    $59.95 each +P&H

    Each volume includes:
    26 x 1 hour episodes
    Collection of 7 DVD's
    And is not available in stores

  • The Sullivans

    For the first time ever on DVD

    These 50 episode volumes are a unique opportunity to own a piece of Australian television history

    Start your collection with Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14 now and collect the whole series. “The Sullivans” celebrates 35 years since the series began on our screens in November 1976.

    Relive with the Sullivan family the hardships and uncertainty faced by an ordinary Australian family in the extraordinary years of World War 2. "more"

    Volume 12

    Volumes 1 through to 14 now available

    Each volume includes:

    Collection of 7 DVD's

    And is not available in stores

    $59.95 +P&H Each
    John Sullivan

    The John Sullivan Story

    Feature Length Drama
    Special Offer - Freewith the purchase of "The Sullivans" Volume 6

  • The Flying Doctors

    The Complete Series

    All 234 episodes on dvd for the
    very first time in australia.

    "The Flying Doctors is a phenomenon. A distinctly
    Australian series that has captured the hearts of
    audiences all over the world."

    Not available in stores, this 234 episode box set is yours to own with over 174 hours of quality family entertainment. "more"

    The Flying Doctors

    234 Episodes
    48 Disc set
    Cast interview
    Episode Synopses
    Stills Gallery


    The Flying Doctors


    Special offer for a limited time - Free with every purchase of The Flying Doctors Box Set.

    2 DVDs
    3 x 2 hour episodes "more"


    A huge success in Australia and internationally seen by millions all over the world. Get the complete 3 Series DVD set or buy each Series individually Wholesome children’s entertainment at its best. Now yours to enjoy all 3 series on DVD.

    A story friendship between 3 girls who share a passion for horses.

    Life at Pine Hollow Stables is always an exciting and action packed adventure for Stevie, Lisa and Carole. Follow our 3 young heroines as they encounter people and events that change forever the way they see themselves and the world around them.


    Season 1

    Series 1

    Collection of 4 DVD's

    $39.95 +P&H
    Season 2

    Series 2

    Collection of 3 DVD's

    $29.95 +P&H
    Season 3

    Series 3

    Collection of 5 DVD's

    $49.95 +P&H


    She is completely alone. With nine school-children and four desperate men. In the classic tradition of Australian ground breaking cinema. This theatrical release feature film stars Rachel Ward – as the seemingly helpless schoolteacher supported by a remarkable juvenile cast. Filmed in the majestic splendour of the Australian bush.



    Rachel Ward

    Running Time
    86 minutes

  • Acropolis Now

    The Complete Series

    Re-live the timeless comedy of the Acropolis Now gang with your favourite characters Jim, Memo, Ricky, Liz, Alfredo, Suzanna and of course the irrepressible Effie. “How embarrassment!”

    When old Kostas returns to his Greek homeland, he leaves his son Jim in charge of his beloved cafe "Acropolis". But once his father is out of the way, Jim sets about yuppifying the cafe. You should see the Acropolis Now! "more"

    Acropolis Now DVD Box set

    The Complete 5 series collection now available as a box set!

    63 Episodes
    15 Disc box set
    Episode Synopses
    Extra - Out-takes


  • Two magnificent Aussie mini-series in the one collector’s compilation.

    This 5 disc pack brings all the romance, adventure and intrigue we have come to know from the internationally acclaimed Crawford Productions mini-series “All the Rivers Run”



    Cast interviews
    Photo Gallery from
    Series I & II

    New - Music CD

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